About the Film

While organizations nationwide have invested enormous resources to protect individuals, families, employers, and communities, from the destructive effects of pornography, what about those who already find themselves trapped in the dark world of sexual addiction?

Through real life interviews and family friendly, dramatic illustrations, “Pornography, Confronting the Addiction” examines how a person, struggling with pornography can take the first steps to recovery and renew their confidence in life. Hear the stories of real men and women who struggled with their own or someone else’s addiction. Listen to them describe how they found the strength to overcome, while experts, trained in the treatment of sexual addiction, explain the addiction and the processes that occur in the brain.

You are not alone and there is hope.


This documentary would be a wonderful primer for anyone concerned with their own or a partner's pornography problem. It takes a very gentle approach and wouldn't scare off anyone moderately aware of their challenge, as it presents all the information in a serious yet non-threatening tone with realistic-looking actors re-enacting real life scenarios.

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This DVD not only helps provide instruction for someone caught up in the web of addiction to pornography, but to a spouse or loved one that may be struggling with that person's addiction too. Some wives tend to think this change must have something to do with their own personal appeal, while in fact, the addict feels great shame because as much as they want to break the hold this has on them, they don't know how. This is an honest look at men that are recovering, a wife that is learning to trust again, and a wife that spent 15 years in therapy with a husband that refused to give it up, and how she had the courage to know when enough was enough. Simple, but heartfelt.

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I have recently ordered your video and am very impressed with the message of hope. I have several individuals in my church I have worked with over the past few years and most still struggle every day. This coming Sunday I will be meeting with one young man who is 29 years old and who would like to be married but does not wish to carry this into his marriage. He has worked very hard but with very limited success, even giving up trying for periods of time over the years. I have used counselors, 12 step programs and lots of prayer and fasting. I will use your presentation in this meeting, with the young man and mentors, to begin a discussion and hopefully a new chapter in this battle for this young man.

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This new film is a positive and empowering resource. It left me feeling enlightened, educated, and hopeful.

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Do you have thirty-four minutes? In thirty-four minutes you can feel as if you are not the only one dealing with a partner struggling with pornography. In thirty-four minutes you can understand how pornography affects your partner from a non-threatening, third party perspective. In thirty-four minutes you can see how an addiction to porn can slowly strangle a marriage. In thirty-four minutes you may be able to convince him to take the first step towards a life of health and sanity and reach out to someone for help. In thirty-four minutes you can get hope for your future. For the wife or girlfriend of someone struggling with a pornography addiction, this film is comforting and empowering. For the man struggling with a porn addiction, this film is a wake up call to take action. PAH highly recommends Pornography, Confronting the Addiction.


Meet the Cast

Mark Kastleman

Mark, author of the book ” The Drug of the New Millennium: The Science of How Internet Pornography Radically Alters the Human Brain and Body”, spent years struggling with his own addiction. It was this struggle that led him to research the effects of pornography on the brain. Since that time he has received national and international acclaim for his extensive work in the field of pornography/sexual addiction prevention and recovery.


Bernie Anderson

Bernie, a pastor for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, struggled for years with an addiction to pornography. Through the help of his wife, the forgiveness of the church, and good professional counselors and other resources he was able to overcome and is now an active voice, in sharing his story with others to help them overcome their own addictions.



Jane spent 25 years married to a pornography and sex addict. At first everything seemed wonderful, but as the years progressed, she began to notice changes in her husband that ultimately led to a life of abuse and fear. Jane eventually divorced her husband and continues optimistically along her journey toward healing.



Yvonne spent years helping her husband through his addiction to pornography, and struggling with the effects of his addiction. On the brink of divorce she felt inspired to stay with him, and has since watched him turn his life around. Her own journey through the pain and dishonesty has helped her to become a better person and has introduced her to some of the best friends she has ever known.


Randy Hyde

Dr. Hyde is a licensed clinical psychologist with 25 years experience. He is the co-founder of the Candeo™ program—Six Weeks to Freedom—the revolutionary on-line recovery and healing system for pornography and other sexual addictions.


Bernell Christensen

Dr. Christensen has spent more than 30 years as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist dedicated to helping individuals, couples, and families overcome difficult challenges and enjoy life more fully. He currently serves asa Director of the Candeo™ Counseling clinics that specialize in the treatment of pornography and other sexual addictions.



Janell grew up in a home where her father was addicted to pornography and would at times act out on her. She still struggles with the lasting effects of the physical, sexual, and psychological abuse she received, but with the help of good family, friends and counselors, she has found the strength to go on.



Mike was fired from his job and nearly lost everything because of his addiction to pornography, just over a year ago. The road to recovery has been rough, but with the help and support of his family and friends, he is back on his feet.